webMethods servies platform
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webMethods® and IIB® ESB


webMethods service platform – extensible, reliable, and scalable backbone

 webMethods® administration and development


  • Integrate applications, B2B, and partners.
  • Build microservices.
  • Implement high-speed messaging.
  • Configure in-memory caching.
  • Enable and manage API.
  • Establish databases connectivity.
  • Configure legacy adapters. 
  • Setup managed file transfer.
  • Maximise performance and increase availability.
  • Implement security standards. 
  • Integrate to cloud and on-premises systems.
  • Provide seamless integration for mobile and IoT.


in the technical environment

mainframe, UNIX®, Linux®, Windows®, Cloud

ibm mq



IBM DataPower® Gateway administration and development


  • Deliver a robust XML firewall for the enterprise.
  • Enable the classification of data.
  • Deliver secure workloads across multiple channels through and content-based routing.
  • Implement high-speed any-to-any message transformation and transport protocol bridging.
  • Configure database and mainframe connectivity.
  • Implement policy enforcement and advanced security.
  • Configure centralised troubleshooting and real-time operational visibility.


in the technical environment

WebSphere® MQ, JMS

HTTP and HTTPS, web services (SOAP and REST)


ibm isb



IBM Integration Bus®  administration and development


  • Provide reusable solutions to fit custom requirements.
  • Develop message flows yo describe application connectivity logic and encapsulate required integration logic.
  • Implement transformations by using graphical mapping.
  • Support the operation and performance of deployments.
  • Implement an extensive range of administration and systems management options for developed solutions.


in the technical environment

Java™, ESQL, and XSL

WebSphere® MQ, JMS

HTTP and HTTPS, web services (SOAP and REST)

mainframe,  UNIX®, Linux®, Windows®, Cloud

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