webMethods® and IIB® ESB


extensible, reliable, and scalable backbone


webMethods® administration and development


Integrate applications, B2B, and partners.

Build microservices.

Implement high-speed messaging.

Configure in-memory caching.

Enable and manage API.

Establish databases connectivity.

Configure legacy adapters. 

Setup managed file transfer.

Sacle performance and increase availability.

Implement security standards. 

Integrate to cloud and on-premises systems.

Provide seamless integration for mobile and IoT.


on the platforms

mainframe, UNIX®, Linux®, Windows®


IBM DataPower® Gateway administration and development

Deliver a robust XML firewall for the enterprise.

Enable the classification of data.

⥋Deliver secure workloads across multiple channels through and content-based routing.

Implement high-speed any-to-any message transformation and transport protocol bridging.

Configure database and mainframe connectivity.

Implement policy enforcement and advanced security.

Configure centralised troubleshooting and real-time operational visibility.


Supported protocols

WebSphere® MQ, JMS 1.1 and 2.0

HTTP and HTTPS, web services (SOAP and REST)

File, Enterprise Information Systems 


IBM Integration Bus®  administration and development


Provide reusable solutions to fit custom requirements.

Develop message flows yo describe application connectivity logic and encapsulate required integration logic.

Implement transformations by using graphical mapping.

Support the operation and performance of deployments.

Implement an extensive range of administration and systems management options for developed solutions.


support protocols.

WebSphere® MQ, JMS 1.1 and 2.0

HTTP and HTTPS, web services (SOAP and REST)


support languages

Java™, ESQL, and XSL


on the platforms

mainframe, UNIX®, Linux®, Windows®



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