web services and pages Eenablement


One of the first Mainfarme integration technologies is operating as API provider leveraging of the Natural and Cobol application that are hosted on the Mainframe and mirage UNIX super computers. ESB in it’ own right ApplinX® integrates legacy applications to the web services and sites.


It is much easier to get the data from the screens then to reshuffle the business objects defined across multiple programs. Background run sessions collect the essential data to share it via the web services protocols such as SOAP and REST.


ApplinX® is robust, reliable and built for outstanding performance, and development is simple and intuitive using Eclipse based Designer tooling from Software AG. Made in Java it is has very small footprint and is easy to troubleshoot.




The design and support ApplinX® services include

  • Infrastructure design and setup
  • Connectivity to the legacy backend
  • Web services development
  • HTML interfaces entablement and customisation
  • Software development lifecycle implementation
  • Ongoing maintenance and new development
  • Business content and performance monitoring



ApplinX® is special for the outstanding speed of the development and therefore quick return on investment. It can modernise the entire character based green screen interface into the web based front end. It is quick to evaluate before investing into the licenses and consulting hours.


Web services are literally created without the coding, and tested with the standard SOA tools. Finally, ApplinX® is designed for containerisation and running on premises and in cloud.

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