webMethods ApplinX is csreen orientated integration approach that reads the content of the screens to render it in the web environment as web pages or API. ApplinX does not have any footprint in the backend as the screens are interpreted at runtime, all with the zero footprint.

ApplinX has other capability to connect to the databases, EntireX brokers and web pages.


Screens as a Service – modernisation the safe way

  • Terminal emulation: instant and customised, provides the web enablement
  • Scripted aggregation of the applications screens flow emulation  provides the API enablement 
  • Screens test automation for the Natural applications



Unlock, Modernise, Engage

  • ApplinX allows to turn green screens into modern web interface to improve acceptance and extend the live cycle of the error free and very stable legacy applications
  • ApplinX delivers quick wins with browser and mobile apps, mainframe modernisation before and after re-hosting.
  • New functionality enabled by ApplinX is added fairly easy.
  • ApplinX enabled API are very fast and reliable





ApplinX leverages existing functionality to meet new business needs:

  • Non-invasive and low-risk approach to mission critical systems modernisation
  • Expose, enhance and extend host applications with the reduced costs and minimised risk
  • Quickly transforms existing green screens into modern front-end to improve end-user experience
  • Increase the quality and efficiency of legacy resources on modern platforms 
  • Preserve knowledge and spend less on testing while protecting the legacy systems from defects
  • Go to market quickly while constantly improving the bsuiness pages and APIs


Integrate mainframe applications, Java Enterprise applications, Dot Net applications and web services

  • COBOL /CICS, Natural, RPG
  • Web Services (SOAP, HTTP, REST, Integration Server)
  • Web Pages
  • RPC brokers



ApplinX integration services are supported by the most operating systems

  • Natural-Unix/Linux
  • IBM Mainframe (3270), AS/400, iSeries (5250)
  • Unisys T27 (TELNET), Fujitsu (TN6680),
  • Hitachi (TN560), Tandem (TN6530),
  • Siemens BS2000/OSD (9750)



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