Unlock your data, reuse business processes and deliver a better user experience by reusing most of the mainframe systems with the modern technologies


• Innovate without replacing what already works
• Support new user experiences and business processes
• Provide better service to the customers through the new channels such as web interfaces and services
• Improve the development productivity
• Provide data supply for the data lakes, business intelligence and analytics platforms to get better insights on the business status
• Integrate with the cloud
• Create API ecosystems
• Feel secure using technology proven at many companies and  by governments



API enablement

  • Quickly connect mainframe application with any new application, on premises or in the cloud.
  • With just a click, you can generate REST API services from the Cobol/Natural business logic without redeveloping the application.
  • Reuse the mainframe applications functionality by becoming an API provider
  • Enrich the mainframe applications functionality by consuming APIs from other sources.


User Interface Modernization

  • Avail the mainframe application on a browser with
    • web terminal emulation
    • web enablement without touching your code.
  • Change the user workflow on the browse
  • Add new business logic
  • Aggregate data from multiple data sources
  • Create a better experience and improve the productivity .
  • Mainframe system is running in the background is unknoiwn to the users


Legacy process optimization

  • Processes based on green screens are cumbersome and costly
  • Green screesn often requiring redundant data entry and broken processes across systems.
  • Improve the productivity by automating and integrating 3270 user screen flows with REST APIs
  • Create better digital process flows with a modern UX


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