middleware technologies

operational consulting, legacy systems api integrations

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professional integration services

expose legacy functions as microservices with minimal Impact

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integration platforms

design, implement, deploy, operate, innovate

  • Advice on the integration choices
  • Research for the best-fit integration scenarios
  • Model and document a business or technical solution
  • Advise on the licensing compliance
  • Assist with the cloud readiness and migration
  • Modernise legacy systems through the managed API


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problems troubleshooting

review, troubleshoot, rectify, improve

  • Resolve problems and issues to improve business operations
  • Upgrade and patch to reduce products issues
  • Find the performance bottlenecks and deliver remedies
  • Liaise with the vendors’ to resolve products defects
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continuous optimisation

loyal to the customer through the continuous support

  • Merge development and operations as one DevOps process
  • Consistently monitor and optimise performance and availability
  • Continuously refine capabilities against the requirements
  • Deliver simpler integration solutions with more business value    
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expertise areas

environments, service platforms

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a millon ways to deliver consistently great customer service

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  • Mission critical systems emergency support.
  • Adabas & Natural performance optimisation.
  • ApplinX API development and performance optimisation.
  • ApplinX web interface development and support.
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  • Adabas & Natural systems modernisation.
  • Data virtualisation of the distributed sources.
  • webMethods infrastructure optimisation.
  • Integration and API enablement.
  • Cloud readiness assessment and migration.
  • Products support across stack.
  • Business intelligence: reporting, monitoring, visualisation.
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  • Adabas administration support.
  • EntireX configuration and operations optimisation.
  • Natural RPC services availability and optimisation.
  • DevSecOps with NaturalOne.


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  • ApplinX environment troubleshooting and optimisation.
  • ApplinX web pages customisation.
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industry certifications

architecture, platforms, technologies

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press releases


thoughts, reviews, free offers


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