operational consulting services

operational consulting services


Systems integration is the keystone for digital transformation. Without it, a company cannot successfully unify its data, processes and systems to create the agile and informative business systems that modern companies rely on. Yet integration is also a gateway to complexity and other barriers, and without the right use cases, can often sink a digital strategy. This is why using an established integration consultancy is instrumental in realising a successful digital business.


A use case not only defines expectations but lays the groundwork for what the integration requires. Typical barriers include no flexible connectivity, a lack of suitable adapters between systems, or cumbersome maintenance and configuration of the integration platforms. For this reason, it’s also not enough to only use an integration platform. Integration requires many pieces to align, often from different vendors. This is why using a trusted integration consultancy is key to experiencing digital transformation success.


mWtech, aka middleware technologies, specialises in creating integration strategies for its clients. We look at technical requirements, options in the market, and organisational hurdles, based on our customers’ use cases. Unlike most integration approaches that try to shoehorn projects into specific platforms or vendor moulds, we take a scalable business-first approach with sensitivity towards cost and outcomes, and collaborate to build the best integration strategies for on-premises and cloud alike.

Professional integration services understand the IT applications and infrastructure, and have a good working knowledge of available integration platforms. We design and implement the integration nodes, mashups, and APIs between the business domains in the organisations, as well as install and maintain the integration products and platforms.



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