middleware technologies is a 'middleware in cloud' company

As middleware market experts, middleware technologies provide the perfect solution for connecting your operating systems and the applications running on them.
middleware technologies

middleware technologies inc.

optimization and problems solving in the complex environments


  • middleware technologies provides professional services to design and build integration platforms open to changes and cloud ready.
  • Specialise in legacy systems modernization via API and modern online applications.
  • Provide expert advise on the middleware architectures and deliver operational consulting services.
  • Deliver customised integration solutions within time and budget.
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about middleware technologies

webMethods integration platform deployment in clouds


  • Make IT a strategic contributor to business
  • Leverage the cloud (more SaaS, cloud data analytics, data lakes, etc.)
  • Reuse existing application & data assets in new digital initiatives to scale rapidly
  • Use best-of-breed technology/operate in a hybrid environment to be agile and responsive.
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core services

  • Consult on the architecture, design, and operations across operating systems and integration platforms.
  • Advice on the integration platforms capabilities to find the best fit for the business solutions.
  • Modernise IT environments, starting with legacy systems.
  • Design and implement integration platform services.
  • Provide ongoing support and assistence operations.
  • Implement and operate environments monitoring.
  • Deliver SOA and microservices cloud-ready solutions.

plan of actions

  • Gain a deep understanding of complex applications fast.
  • Isolate proven business logic into reusable components.
  • Identify and harvest business rules to support BPM initiatives.
  • Accelerate delivery of new Web applications in just a few weeks.
  • Provide a unified view of the enterprise data to streamline decision-making.
  • Transform existing applications into high-value business services to quickly populate an SOA.
  • Connect diverse technologies without disrupting systems.
  • Identify potential bottleneck and it’ cause.
  • Monitor modifications, adjusting to optimal system parameters.
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project profiles


  • End-to-end solutions and services in complex environments.
  • Performance optimization through the various integration and application platforms.
  • Software AG’s and IBM integration products implementations and support.
  • Open Source Software projects.

work items

  • End-to-end solutions and services in complex environments.
  • Performance optimisation through the integration and application platforms from the biggest vendors.
  • Software AG’s and IBM integration products implementations and support.
  • Open Source Software projects.
  • API development through rapid integration, enhancements, security and operations with the API Gateway.
  • microservices and messaging middleware development.
  • Performance optimization and high availability through software tuning and clustering.


  • SAG Digital Platform products installations for high availability and optimal performance.
  • ADABAS, NATURAL, ENTIREX, APPLINX, CONNX installation, migration, and operations.
  • Adabas database management across operating platforms.
  • Natural RPC environments configuration and monitoring across operating platforms.
  • Continuous deployment environment for NaturalOne, webMethods, and Open Source technologies.


  • SAG and IBM products upgrades and patching to keep the platform up-to-date.
  • IBM Integration Bus installation, migration, and operations.
  • IBM DataPower configuration and operations.


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