microservices architecture for performance

by Jun 30, 2021mWtech

microservices are becoming more and more popular in the world of software engineering. 

With microservices, legacy functions can be exposed to developers with minimal impact on their previous functionality. This blog post will discuss microservice architecture and how it can be used to improve your business’s software development process.

When microservices are used, each function is broken into its own microservice. This means that if one microservice goes down (due to an outage or other issue), it has minimal impact on the rest of your software system. In addition to this stability and security, microservices also give you more flexibility with how those functions can interact with your existing legacy systems.

To give you an example, microservices can be used for a scenario where you might have to make updates to multiple legacy systems at once. Say that you need to update your billing system and accounting software, but the two are not compatible with each other. Normally in this situation, developers would have no way of updating both systems without having one overwrite or corrupt another.

This downtime could cost your company a significant amount of money as well as time, let alone the amount of money and time spent on development. So microservices allow you to update each system independently, without having one overwrite or corrupt the other.

This is where we get to expose legacy functions as microservices with minimal impact.

We can now move the legacy billing system into microservice and let it run with other microservices, like your accounting software. This way you are able to update both systems without issue or downtime because they each running independently on their own microservices platform.

Therefore causing minimal impact to your existing systems and getting you back up and running in no time.

Let’s summarise the benefits of exposing your legacy functions as microservices with minimal impact:

what are the benefits of using microservices?

– Microservices allow you to update each system independently, without having one overwrite or corrupt the other
– They help improve your disaster recovery plans by allowing a more modular approach.
– Microservices can simplify and reduce the complexity of legacy applications where it would have been difficult or impractical to do so before

With minimal impact on existing systems, microservices are a great way to start upgrading your existing systems.

Our engineers will do a full audit of your legacy applications and possible microservice architecture to identify the best microservices to expose.

We will then create microservices for those legacy functions in a way that minimizes impact on your existing systems, so you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

what are the risks to implementing microservices?

– There is minimal risk of corruption or overwriting one system with another
– You will not experience any downtime when you start microservices
– You’ll prevent a long, expensive, and risky code rewrite
– You can get your system architecture up to date for the future.

Microservices allow developers to use modern approaches so applications are easier to maintain in the long term.

If you are in a position where you always feared the disruption that a major upgrade can cause, microservice architecture is the answer.

will my legacy system still run while transitioning to microservices

– You can use microservices to keep legacy systems running while still transitioning them over time
– You will have better insight into what microservices are being used because they’re all separate entities
– Microservice architecture can be useful when you want to break down your application’s dependencies for an easier transition into a modernized system with no risk of downtime.
You can microservice your legacy systems and monitor their work as you move them over to a new server, with microservices doing the heavy lifting for you.

“Microservice architecture allows developers to use modern approaches so applications are easier to maintain in the long term.”

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