mainframe modernisation

using software from mainframe vendors such as Software AG and IBM, we can identify the critical business capabilities of mainframe applications and convert them to services, accessible via APIs through modern TCP/IP application protocols

legacy process automation
service enablement
data movement
SAP integration
Cloud data Integration

webMethods® and IIB® ESB

ESB is always a backbone of the services platforms

webMethods® Integration Server and IBM DataPower® Gateway and Integration Bus®

  • Create and deploy modular integrations that adapt independently to market requirements
  • Scale APIs in the cloud with a distributed microservices-backed architecture
  • Support CI/CD with built-in DevOps automation tooling
  • Ensure reliability with a reactive architecture that includes built-in fault tolerance and recovery
  • Encourage a rapidly evolving ecosystem in which business capabilities can spin up quickly


efficient path for IT modernization and API enablement

  • Deliver efficient path for IT modernization and API enablement.
  • Access mainframe assets as processes or through services.
  • Produce rapidly high-performing and secure APIs for core business applications.
  • Integrate mainframe applications with minimal changes.


Screens as a Service – modernisation the safe way

  • Configure instant and customised terminal emulation.
  • Develop web applications over the green screens.
  • Enable APIs through the screens flow scripting.
  • Automate Natural applications testing.
  • Integrate mainframe with databases, brokers and web sites.


virtualise data across distributed and heterogeneous sources

  • Metadata management and data transformation.
  • Virtualise relational data and big data in cloud.
  • Configuring wide range of data connectors.
  • Real-time data replication and automated synchronization.
  • Mainframe data migration.


perfect method to write down architectures 


  • Benchmark your business performance compared to competitors to identify business challenges and opportunities
  • Derive critical success factors for your strategy
  • Easily communicate your strategy to the different stakeholders
  • Improve performance planning and implementation using balanced scorecards
  • Achieve transparency and optimised communication based on a single language and collaboration for all stakeholders
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