mainframe modernisation software

mainframe modernisation software


Create a better user experience on a web browser—change the user screen flow, add new business logic.


Integrate other data sources, and aggregate data from multiple data sources while the users will never know a legacy system is running in the background.


Once your legacy is on a web browser the developers right out of college unleash their creative energy.


Add graphics, visuals, or the latest innovations to enhance or “re-engineer” the user experience.


Anything is possible—all they must know is how to access the backend database.


Trust what innovations are possible to take any business process a user performs today.


Automate it and encapsulate it—turning it into API called from anywhere.


Loose the creative development while insuring everything still works correctly by using automated screen testing to verify that inputs entered yields the correct result on screen, from the user’s perspective to free from the manual and complicated test scenarios.


Take a procedure on the mainframe and create an API to be integrated with web-based application.


The volumes of the valuable data stored in the legacy system that everyone wants to use, so make it look like SQL without the help of the analysts.


And access these data from desktop apps from Excel® to the latest analytics products.


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