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mainframe integration services

integration services

replace or redevelop mainframe applications is not cheap


mainframe integration services address many challenges

• Perception mainframes are hard to access and integrate and thus are a roadblock to innovation

• It takes too long, and it is too complicated to connect the mainframe to new business initiatives

• Legacy applications are cumbersome to use

• Siloed business logic, data models and data sources

• Tedious user interface (including outdated green screens) create inefficient data entry and business processes

• Retiring workforce and application knowledge

• No common integration standard for external and internal systems

• Cloud vendors do not provide solutions to integrate on-premises mainframe data or applications

• Inability to efficiently meet growing regulations, mandates and new business practices

• Poor integration among systems limits exchange of services and data


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webMethods® and IIB® ESB

ESB is always a backbone of the services platforms

webMethods® Integration Server and IBM DataPower® Gateway and Integration Bus®

• Create and deploy modular integrations that adapt independently to market requirements
• Scale APIs in the cloud with a distributed microservices-backed architecture
• Support CI/CD with built-in DevOps automation tooling
• Ensure reliability with a reactive architecture that includes builtin fault tolerance and recovery
• Encourage a rapidly evolving ecosystem in which business capabilities can spin up quickly

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efficient path for IT modernisation and API enablement

  • Deliver efficient path for IT modernisation and API enablement.
  • Access mainframe assets as processes or through services.
  • Produce rapidly high-performing and secure APIs for core business applications.
  • Integrate mainframe applications with minimal changes
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Screens as a Service – modernisation the safe way

  • Configure instant and customised terminal emulation.
  • Develop web applications over the green screens.
  • Enable APIs through the screens flow scripting.
  • Automate Natural applications testing.
  • Integrate mainframe with databases, brokers and web sites.
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virtualise data across distributed and heterogeneous sources

  • Metadata management and data transformation.
  • Virtualise relational data and big data in cloud.
  • Configuring wide range of data connectors.
  • Real-time data replication and automated synchronization.
  • Mainframe data migration.


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perfect method to write down architectures 

• Benchmark your business performance compared to competitors to identify business challenges and opportunities
• Derive critical success factors for your strategy
• Easily communicate your strategy to the different stakeholders
• Improve performance planning and implementation using balanced scorecards
• Achieve transparency and optimized communication based on a single language and collaboration for all stakeholders

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