Hybrid Integration

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Hybrid User Communities – Integration tooling covering all the personas with self service analytics


Hybrid Integration Styles – Automate business processes, Synchronize Data between Cloud and on-premise apps


Hybrid Deployment – flexible deployments to Cloud/on-premise, optimize solution architecture


Hybrid Connectivity – API led Connectivity to on-premise APIs, Cloud applications



Broadest support for B2B industry standards and protocols

End to End B2B

End to End B2B

See the full lifecycle of your B2B transactions

Single runtime

Single Runtime

Integrate partners with backend apps in a single runtime

Widest Support

Widest Support

One B2B platform for industry standards, files, API’s

Onboard Fast

Onboard Fast

Prebuilt “invitation” templates to automate partner onboarding



Connect to the largest number of data sources



Only one tool for both low-code and high control development



Run your integrations in distributed microservices architectures

Cloud deployment

Cloud Deployment

Deploy on-premises integrations to the cloud in 3 clicks



Rely on a common runtime that evolves without breaking

Checklist for success


Rethink integration technology

Focus on integration across hybrid environments rather than in silos of on-premises and cloud data sources. Integration is no longer a matter of simply connecting applications and databases, so companies need their integration platforms to encompass

  • newer sophisticated architectures
  • new development lifecycles and deployment options.
  • a wide range of API’ and endpoints
  • niche solutions for cloud integration and API management.

Empower integration developers

You must be able to connect to anything quickly.

Having a centralised team that controls all aspects of a company’s integration strategy is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, therefore companies need to empower a broader set of integration developers.

Scale and adapt fast

Companies need the agility to change and scale quickly deploying

  • cloud integration
  • multi-cloud flexibility
  • microservices
  • container orchestration
  • automated deployment
  • continuous delivery.
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