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EntireX® service broker

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EntireX® service broker is fast and effective for cross languages and operating systems


webMethods EntireX® service broker administration and development


Leverage your existing investments in COBOL or Natural to get into new markets and the digital economy quickly
• Rapidly produce high-performing and secure APIs for established, core business applications
• Deliver new products to market faster
• Reduce costs with architecture options that have zero or minimal mainframe footprint
• Trigger inventive new business processes using your established mainframe applications
• Reduce costs by easily leveraging existing functionality to meet new business needs


in the technical environment

COBOL, Micro Focus®

PL/1, Natural

Assembler, C, C#, .COM .NET

CICS®, Com-plete, Batch, WebSphere® MQ

webMethods® Integration Server

Web Service: SOA & REST

mainframe, UNIX®, Linux®, Windows®

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webMethods® and IIB® ESB

webMethods® Integration Server and IBM DataPower® Gateway and Integration Bus®

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Screens as a a Service – modernisation the safe way

CONNX 1 300x300 1


Virtualizes data across distributed and heterogeneous sources

ARIS 2 300x200 1


Method to write down architecture languages

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