customer Issues

customer Issues



Every customer has an original environment awaiting for the solutions to the long time  problems are implemented. This environment has a history of success and pain. As the technology progresses, some customers are left behind to cope with their old software implementations. The business clearly requires change, but the information technology has too many inter-dependencies.


Innovation is often the way of resolving the old issues with the new software or without. But the successful technical innovation leads to the business innovations that much needed.


Everything starts with the problems understanding and issues analysis such as


  • Focusing on customer ideas and issues
  • Issues analysis and resolution
  • Troubleshooting and improvements
  • System’ components, code, and performance optimisation


The problems should be resolved rather earlier, or at least understood, but eventually practically resolved. Although sometimes the practical part must wait until the all dependencies are resolved, and that might be be a long journey.


Nevertheless, with the understanding and trust the success becomes possible. It often occurs that fixing the old problems defines the way yo the new development.


The choices could be hard at times, but if these are good it is instrumental to the resolution of the old problems. Although, the bad choices introduce more errors and confusion. Eventually, the choices must be made to derive the value from the analysis and research. The goal of the consulting is to help with the clear understanding of the environment that is necessary to see the roadmap forward or to nowhere.


Good choices are based on the good understanding of the good architecture and fair technical knowledge.


The successful diagnostics defines the next steps, it clarifies the priorities and minimises the losses.

With the clear pipeline new projects usually start with much less risk. These projects are initially purposed to rectify the old errors to justify the investments, but the successful projects give much needed confidence for the further developments, such as



  • enabled capability of the core technologies
  • additional functionality that business is awaiting for some time
  • infrastructure optimisations in the performance, scalability, reliability, operations sophistication



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