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CONNX® data virtualisation


cross platforms CONNX® data virtualisation and synchronisation

with unique support for legacy data

 ConnX® administration and development


• A single solution with simplified SQL access to over 150 databases and platforms, including real-time read and write access
• Leverage data offloading to support a large number of users participating in BI and/or analytics without impacting production applications
• Minimize the impact on source systems by offloading the users


in the technical environment


• Open data access technology supports ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, and .NET access
• Replicate data from over 150 data sources to a data warehouse or data mart


• Supports the Mainframe, UNIX, Linux, AS/400, Desktop, Cloud and more

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webMethods® and IIB® ESB

webMethods® Integration Server and IBM DataPower® Gateway and Integration Bus®

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EntireX® shows the most efficient path for IT modernization and API enablement

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Screens as a a Service – modernisation the safe way

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Method to write down architecture languages

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