core services


optimisation and problems solving in the complex environments



About the Company


⥋Provide professional services to design and build integration platforms open to changes and cloud ready.

⥋Specialise in legacy systems modernisation via API and modern online applications.

⥋Provide expert advise on the middleware architectures and deliver operational consulting services.

⥋Deliver customised integration solutions within time and budget.




Core Services


⥋Consult on the architecture, design and operations across operating systems and integration platforms.

⥋Advise on the integration platforms capabilities to find best fit for the business solutions.

⥋Modernise IT environments, starting with the legacy systems.

⥋Design and implement integration platfrom services.

⥋Provide ongoing support and assist operations.

⥋Implement and operate integration platfroms monitoring.

⥋Deliver SOA and microservices cloud ready solutions.




Projects Profiles


⥋End-to-end solutions and services in the complex environments.

⥋Performance optimisation through the various integration and application platforms.

⥋Software AG’s and IBM integration products implementations and support.

⥋Open Source Software projects.   




Plain of Actions


⥋Gain a deep understanding of complex applications fast.

⥋Isolate proven business logic into re-usable components.

⥋Identify and harvest business rules to support BPM initiatives.

⥋Accelerate delivery of new Web applications in just a few weeks.

⥋Provide a unified view of the enterprise data to streamline decision making.

⥋Transform existing applications into high-value business services to quickly populate an SOA.

⥋Connect diverse technologies without disrupting systems.

⥋Identify potential bottleneck and it’ cause.

⥋Monitor modifications, adjusting to optimal system parameters.




Work Items


⥋API development through rapid integration, enhancements, security and operations with the API Gateway.

⥋SOA/microservices and messaging middleware development.

⥋Performance optimisation and high availability through the software tuning and clustering.


⥋SAG Digital Platfrom products installations for high availability and optimal perfromance.

⥋ADABAS, NATURAL, ENTIREX, APPLINX, CONNX installation, migration and operations.

⥋Adabas database management across operating platfroms.

⥋Natural RPC environments configuration and monitoring across operating platfroms.

⥋SAG and IBM products upgrades and patching to keep the platfrom up-to-date.

⥋Continuous deployment environment for NaturalOne, webMethods and Open Source technologies.


⥋IBM Integration Bus installation, migration and operations.

⥋IBM DataPower configuraton and operatons.




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