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Software AG

EntireX and ApplinX

Catering to the diverse needs of large enterprises, EntireX offers flexibility in deployment, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Its compatibility extends across a spectrum of programming languages and platforms, including but not limited to Java, .NET, Natural, and COBOL. This makes EntireX an invaluable asset for enterprises with intricate IT landscapes, allowing them to streamline operations and mitigate the costs of managing disparate systems.
ApplinX stands as a transformative solution, designed to revitalise legacy applications by extending their reach to contemporary platforms. It empowers organisations to metamorphose their traditional applications into accessible, web-based interfaces compatible with any device or platform.

EntireX and ApplinX, from Software AG, offer robust integration and modernization solutions. EntireX facilitates reliable inter-system communication, ideal for complex enterprise environments, while ApplinX specializes in modernizing legacy applications, transforming them into web-friendly formats. Together, they provide a comprehensive approach to integrating and updating traditional IT systems for the modern digital landscape.