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Software AG

Adabas & Natural

Adabas is a high-performance database from Software AG, ideal for enterprises with high-volume, critical applications, especially in banking, insurance, and manufacturing. It handles complex data and numerous transactions efficiently. Natural, complementing Adabas, is both a programming language and environment, optimized for developing applications on the Adabas database, ensuring high performance and reliability.
Enterprises choose Adabas and Natural for their scalability, reliability, and integration with modern technologies like web services, supporting service-oriented architectures. Software AG offers comprehensive professional services for Adabas & Natural, aiding in application modernization, cost reduction, and accelerated development.
To stay ahead in the evolving digital landscape, Adabas & Natural are moving to the cloud, offering enhanced agility, scalability, and future-readiness for enterprises.

webMethods by Software AG provides an extensive suite for integration and API management. It facilitates seamless data exchange and process orchestration across various systems and applications, suitable for both on-premises and cloud environments. Ideal for businesses aiming to streamline operations and enhance digital services, webMethods stands as a key solution for modern enterprise connectivity.