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professional services

integration of business systems on premices and in cloud
unlocking legacy data and functionality into web content
integration platforms implementation and optimisation
performance optimisation of the integration components 

Our Mission: To refine your integration architecture, elevating your operations
to new heights of efficiency and technological excellence.
At mWtech, our engineers are not just certified; they are seasoned experts in architecture and development,
specializing in webMethods, WebSphere, and Open Source solutions.
We combine deep technical and architectural expertise with the latest technological advancements
to design solutions that are not only efficient but visionary.

Future-Proof Your Business: Partner with us at mWtech to transform your operational framework
and lead the way in innovation. Let’s build a future-proof business together.

industry certifications

architecture | design | technology

Our engineers are certified in architecture, development,
infrastructure, DevOps, and agile design, specialising
in webMethods and WebSphere. 
We expertly integrate with Adabas, Natural, COBOL, and MQ
across all operating platforms.

Our ecosystem of partners and customers thrives on collaboration, leveraging API, cloud, and data integration technologies to foster mutual growth.
This approach empowers us to effectively navigate digital transformation, enhancing capabilities and ensuring all members benefit from integrated, advanced solutions.
We are committed to building sustainable partnerships that drive steady progress and success in the digital landscape.
We value each relationship, focusing on reciprocal learning and shared benefits to ensure collective success.