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expose legacy functions as microservices with minimal impact

integration platforms

      Advise on the integration choices for a solution     Model and document a solution      Research for the best fit integration scenarios      Advise on the integration platform licenses compliance status ...

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problems troubleshooting

      Review and troubleshoot to rectify and optimise     Resolve issues and optimise operations      Upgrade and patch to keep versions current and product issues to minimum     Research the performance bottleneck...

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continuous optimisation

      Merge development and operations as one DevOps process through the whole solution stack     Consistently monitor and optimise the integration platforms performance and availability     Continuously refine integration platfor...

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architecture, webMethods, WebSphere

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Mainframe through API

There are new business applications on mainframes and richer ways to connect mainframe and cloud environments. The way to modernise symbiotic mainframe-cloud ecosystems is to enable more mainframe business applications by exposing their functionality via API.   Program calls are popular because they are traditional and easily understood by programmers. Modernisation tools discover COBOL or […]


Give new meaning to old concept

    Yet mainframes remain popular because they provide advanced performance-tuning capabilities. This quality is why mainframes remain the computing platform of choice for high-end transactions systems.   Using software from Software AG we can identify the critical business capabilities of mainframe applications and convert them to services, accessible via APIs through modern TCP/IP application […]


How the latest integration technology builds mainframe cloud symbiosis

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